Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Epic Bike Trip Around the Maritimes, Step 13: And then there were three

Or, how I traveled PEI in luxury

"I should take time off in August and come out and join you," says my dad, and with those words, my parents' summer holiday plans became a whole lot less relaxing.

"If it's alright with you, Yvonne, we won't camp," says my mom.  Fine by me, I'm not the one paying!

And so the final leg of my epic bike trip through the Maritimes was considerably different.  Our loop around PEI consisted of Charlottetown to Cavendish (the home of the entirely fictional Anne of Green Gables - however that works), Cavendish to Stanhope, Stanhope to Morell, Morell to Brudnell via St. Peter's, and Brudenell  back to town, a respectable 50km a day, with only one of those days involving a shuttle!

And instead of a tin-of-tuna-a-day, we did a lobster-a-day.  x  Instead of subsisting on ice cream and peanut butter cookies when the only grocery store was 16km ago, we had Frenched pork chops and date pudding at the only restaurant.  Instead of going to bed right away, we had dessert (or they did - I went to bed!).  Instead of risking our lives pedaling home down a long, dark road through the thunder, lightning and pelting rain after a night out, we took a taxi.  Instead of getting locked to a tree in the rain, our bikes spent the night in a conference room with an ocean front view. Talk about bike touring gone deluxe!

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  1. Now that you're back, are you going to keep up your blog, or are you reserving it for your trips?