Thursday, 2 October 2014

Did you win the lottery!?!

When we told people about our plan to travel for a year, this was the response we often got.  The answer is, unfortunately, no.  We were just blessed with two full time jobs that paid more than we needed, a lovely apartment that was not too expensive, a car gifted by our parents, and no debt.  In addition, we'd both traveled before by bicycle, so we understood that by living simply, it is possible to go far.
But people's reactions made me think that there might be some interest in seeing the break down of our budget, so here it is for the month of August.  The dates are approximate, grouped around the stages of our trip (ie. Strasbourg, Freiburg, Switzerland, Villach, Slovenia, Venice).  You'll also notice that, at the end of the day, we were 200€ in the red....c'est la vie!  we did better in the month of September.

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