Thursday, 5 July 2012

And we have lift-off!

<p>I missed my bus. By half an hour. I left in plenty of time (alright, I was a little rushed), but who could have predicted a high speed car chase that would shut down Lakeshore for the entire weekend and an accident on the Gardiner? I certainly couldn't.&nbsp; </p>

Thanks to two old friends, Jessalyn and Christine, who just happened to be in the Starbucks beside the bus station where I was consoling myself with a chocolate smoothie for old time's sake.  They convinced me that spending a night on a Montreal sidewalk with a bike-in-a-box wouldn't be that bad, and then Christine proceeded to find me a place to stay and help me carry my box. 
You're amazing, Christine!

And we have lift off!  ...sort of


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  2. Hey! Christine always has friends in good places for these kind of things. We agreed that it was a divine encounter :) Hope you have a great adventure. Sounds like you already have good stories!