Monday, 16 July 2012

Epic Bike Trip Around the Maritimes, Step Seven: Observe the customs of the people you encounter

A Spud-tacular Celebration

This past Friday, of course, we observed one of the foremost of our nation's special days, National Potato Day. And on this day when we pay hommage to this terrific tuber, eating a plate of potatoes in the form you find most delectable, be it french fried, chipped, boiled, baked, scalloped, mashed, poutined or hashbrowned, I'm sure many of you thought "It's not enough. I want to do more to celebrate the spud!"

National Potato Day in Florenceville and Bristol, the French Fry Capital of the World (and that's a registered trademark), started at 11 o'clock sharp at Potato World, where they have sweet as well as savoury french fries. A dietician opened the proceedings with a speech declaiming the nutritional benefits of the french fry, and then local dignitaries were set to engage in a fierce french fry cutting competition. In the afternoon, potato stamping took place on the board walk as well as french fry art using all manner of condiments. A draw for 1 lucky winner of french fries for a year closed the day off, and there was french fry sampling taking place all over town. Remember, 1 in three french fries eaten world wide is a McCain french fry, made right here in the world capital.

If that's still not sufficient recognition in your eyes, the town of Hartland (Canada's smallest town, world renowned for the longest covered bridge, and just a few kilometres downriver) continued the celebration for another three days. It's a relief to know that Canadians are not being remiss in their fete-ing of this fabulous food.

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  1. I didn't know there was nutritional benefits for french's fried so....^^
    enjoy your trip