Friday, 6 July 2012

Epic Bike Trip Around the Maritimes, Step 4: Add Some Drama!

Traveling Incognito

Arrived in Edmunston, New Brunswick, twenty-four hours of traveling dirtier and at least that many hours short on sleep, miraculously with my bike (it got left behind in Toronto, but eventually caught up) and all my luggage (some of it got left behind in the overhead compartment, but luckily was remembered before the bus pulled out).  Incredibly, my couchsurfing host actually took off of work to come pick me up and drop me at her house with instructions to make myself at home.  Amazingly, I managed to put my bike back together with no parts left over (the brakes are rubbing - suggestions anyone?), and I was thinking I'd go get some camp fuel and a map, but my lucky streak had run out.

I couldn't find my wallet anywhere.  I emptied everything, put it all back, and emptied it again.  No dice.  I was standing in a stranger's very pretty guest bedroom with no money, no cards, and no identification, a 24 hour bus trip away from home.  Oh dear.  I called my dad.

The thing about my dad is, the more stressful the situation, the calmer he gets. It's a wonderful trait, especially if you're his semi-prepared, somewhat scattered daughter trying to have an adventure of epic proportions.  "Let me make a phone call, and I'll call you back."   Pace bedroom.  Five minutes later: "Here's the address of the Scotiabank in Edmunston.  They are going to issue you a debit card based on your answers to questions about your account.  They are open until 5pm, and they're closed tomorrow.  Get yourself there."  Ok!  Off I went to announce to the daughter of my couchsurfing host that I was penniless, and needed most urgently to know the way to the bank.  She was about to leave for work, but she drove me.  Without her, I would not have made it.  It's nice, when you're in need, how you get to experience people's kindness.  I'm getting to get a lot of kindness so far this trip!

So now I'm traveling with a debit card.  This show must go on! Cash-only transactions from here on out.  No health card, no id, no paper trail, no worries - incognito baby!


  1. arf, good luck.

    For the brakes. There is just one side rubbing or both of them? You have to center the "calipers" (etriers). There is a screw on the top of the caliper, use it to be able to center the brake.

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry your wallet went missing! Good luck and hopefully no other crazy things end up happening!