Sunday, 8 July 2012

Edmunston to Grand Falls

A picture gallery of my trip so far

Edmunston foot bridge, where I received my first proposal of marriage, from a guy on a bike who said he couldn't find a woman who'll bike across Canada with him.
I told him I was only biking around the Maritimes and he lost interest.  Boys can be so fickle sometimes!

The St John River, with the United States on the other side. I pedaled a mountain to get this shot, hope you appreciate it!

My bike and a bulldozer

My bike and I, all ready to go!

Edmunston to Fredericton - I'm on my way!

A giant potato outside a hotel on the outskirts of Grand Falls.  This town hosts a five day potato festival every.  Unfortunately, I just missed it!

The gorge at Grand Falls


  1. Soon you'll be passing where I used to live: Weston (north west of Woodstock)! Did you meet the Flewellings at the wedding? The parents were there along with Liv and Millie and their oldest daughter Abi was the photographer.

    1. Hello Margaret!

      I did meet your New Brunswick friends at the wedding. Just left Woodstock a couple of days ago, pretty sure I didn't go through Weston, as I was on the east side of the river at that point. It's a lovely area though, very peaceful!


  2. look like a really good place to be....How enviable you are!